Chicago Machine and Madison Club will be co-hosting a tournament in Madison, WI, the weekend of August 23rd/ 24th. 

The tournament will feature ten teams from six different regions. (Including: Machine, Madison Club, Sub Zero, Temper, High Five, Florida United, Streetgang, Boost Mobile, Garuda, and Patrol).

The idea for the event came from the scheduling uncertainty that Madison Club and Machine face this season, as it is unknown if our teams will attend the Pro Flight Finale until after the Elite/Select Challenge. This tournament was created to provide flexibility for other teams in the same position, by offering a centrally located fall back plan to the Pro Flight Finale. Our intent is to keep this a small tournament for high caliber teams. We will be enlisting a format that allows each team attending to play 6-7 competitive games against different opponents.

For the full details, please see the Bro-Flight Finale Event Page