Machine and Madison Club are excited to announce that the final team confirmed to attend the Bro-Flight Finale is the Buzz Bullets of Japan. The veteran team with an extensive history of international competition will be making their first trip to Chicago/ Madison, providing spectators a look at their quick paced offensive game. 

The Buzz Bullets, who are unable to attend the US Open this year, were looking for another opportunity to play against top US competition. Due to the restrictions in place for international teams interested in competing in USAU Triple Crown Tour events, the Bro-Flight Finale served as the perfect opportunity. 

Outside of the tournament itself, a local individual scrimmage between the Buzz Bullet's and Machine may be coordinated for the week leading into the Bro-Flight Finale. If so, any relevant information will be passed on to interested spectators. 

Full details on the Bro-Flight Finale can be found here: Bro Flight Finale Tournament Page