Andy Neilsen


Confirmed Players:

Adrian King 

AJ Nelson 

Andrew Sheehan 

Ben Spielman 

Bob Liu 

Brett Kolinek 

Craig Poeppelman 

Cullen Geppert** 

Dan Williams 

George Hughes [returning]

Gregory Slover 

Jack Shey 

Jonathan Helton 

Kevin Kelly** 

Michael Schwenk [returning] 

Neal Phelps 

Nick Zeman 

Noah Backer

Ron Kubalanza**

Stephan Mance 

Tim Fergus 

Travis Carpenter 

Von Alanguilan

Walden Nelson**


Practice Players:

Eric Johnson

Rory Gallagher [returning] 

Yiding Hou


** = Captain

Italics denotes new addition


Note: Additional roster spots have been offered, but not confirmed as of publishing.

Roster Photos/ Bios: