Recently, Chicago Machine has made appearances on television news broadcasts in two of our primary target markets; Milwaukee and Mexico.

Last week, former Machine player Carl Deffenbaugh started reporting for Fox 6 News in Milwaukee. Carl's Bio. While breaking an important story about a wiffleball tournament taking place at the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino Convention Center, Carl had an opportunity discuss his background as an ultimate frisbee player.


After demonstrating his cutting and catching prowess, Carl made sure to show off his beautiful Machine Ultimate disc, holding it front and center for the camera. As a reminder, that very same disc is available for purchase on our team store!


Machine's big break into the Milwaukee limelight comes just weeks after gaining major traction with our Mexican fanbase, following a news piece airing on Televisa Deportes, Mexico's largest national news channel. 

Televisa reporter, and Instagram model, Gina Holguin was visiting Chicago with her film production crew to cover the Mexican national team's progress in the Copa America soccer tournament. Looking to make the most of their time in the Windy City, they reached out to Machine as part of a series of pieces on local developing sports.


Gina and crew then joined a few members of Machine during a pod workout, jumping right into a variety of drills. In a stroke of luck, first year Machine player Michael Pardo happened to speak fluent Spanish, providing a much needed ambassador for the team who was able to answer interview questions in the native language.


The news piece which aired nationally in Mexico can be viewed below!


We will be sure to keep you abreast of any other news media appearances involving Chicago Machine in locations that start with the letter M.