The 2017 Chicago Machine campaign starts this weekend at the Pro-Elite Challenge in Denver, CO. (Tournament Details:

Machine's first opponent of the season will be the defending national champion Boston Ironside. The pool also features games against New York's PoNY, and a retooled Doublewide team who brought in several players from nationals contender HIP (a Houston based team that disbanded during the offseason).

Full Schedule:

Ultiworld has yet to announce coverage, but tape delayed recordings of select PEC games are expected to be included in their 2017 video subscription package.

Machine will be sending a roster of 20 active players and coach Andy Neilsen, with 5 players missing due to various reasons (Dada Libo-on & Xtian Guerrero: travel, Kevin Kelly & Joshua Stevens-Stein: injury, Michael Schwenk: wedding).

To follow along for live updates:

Check back after the tournament for a recap, highlight video, and much more throughout the season.