The 2017 USAU Club Series is in full swing, and Machine is looking to qualify for Nationals this weekend at the Great Lakes Regionals in West Chester, OH. 

The USAU Series involves a sequence of elimination tournaments starting with Sectionals, then Regionals, and concluding with Nationals. Machine was allowed to skip Sectionals and advance directly to Regionals based on qualification for the 2016 National Championship, and attendance at two or more USAU Triple Crown Tour event's (the Pro-Elite Challenge, Elite-Select Challenge, and Pro Championships).

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Each region receives 1 automatic bid to Nationals, with additional bids being earned based on the number of in-region teams who fall within the top 16 of the USAU regular season ranking algorithm. The Great Lakes region has two bids to Nationals up for grabs this season as both Machine (11) and Michigan's High Five (5) finished in the top 16 of the USAU regular season rankings.

Machine enters the tournament as the overall number 2 seed, and will play three pool play games before entering into a bracket during the final round on Saturday. Pool winners will move directly to semi-finals, second place pool finishers will still have a chance to qualify by advancing through a backdoor bracket, which culminates with a "game to go" against the loser of finals.

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Full Game Schedule:

Machine expects to have their full roster healthy and in attendance, with the exception of Cullen Geppert (doubtful due to work obligations).

Machine will also be keeping close tabs on the Women's and Mixed division play over the weekend, which takes place at the same complex. Chicago's Nemesis and UPA will both be competing to make the trip to Sarasota in their respective divisions (the Women's division has two bids, while the Mixed division has 1 bid).

To follow along for live updates:

Check back after the tournament for a recap, highlight video, and more!