Chicago Machine is excited to announce three upcoming scrimmages with international opponents from Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland respectively. The games will be played this Wednesday and Thursday night, and spectators are encouraged to attend!

Chicago Machine vs Australia’s Heads of State

Chicago Machine DOUBLE HEADER vs Switzerland’s Flying Angels Bern followed by New Zealand’s Wildcats

These international opponents are coming through Chicago on their way to Cincinnati for WUCC, the World Ultimate Club Championships, hosted by the World Flying Disc Federation.

Heads of State has competed at the World Ultimate Club Championships in 2010 and 2014 and has also claimed the Australian Ultimate Championship title in 2015 to add to its pair of Australian Youth Ultimate Championship titles from 2006 and 2008. Heads of State [currently fields](/teams) four teams in the Open division, two teams in the Women's division, and two teams in the Mixed division to compete at different levels from local Victorian Ultimate League competitions through to WUCC at the international level.

Heads of State Website

Since 1984, the Flying Angels have developed into one of the largest Frisbee Clubs in Switzerland and today have around 150 members. These include juniors, active women and men who train and play in meanwhile five teams, but also passive and honorary members. Right from the start, the Angels also cultivated the social as well as the training and tournament operation. The atmosphere in the club is relaxed and friendly.

Flying Angels Website

The Wellington Wildcats are the regional team and current National Champion's for Men's Ultimate Frisbee in New Zealand.

Wildcats Website

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